WHAT?!  yesterday my precious little baby girl turned 11 months old.  how is that even possible?  she was just born... like yesterday.  i've been getting asked quite a bit when we think we'll have another.  i always, always pictured our kids close together, but for this season, elle is all we need.  that's not to say if i did get pregnant that we wouldn't be over the moon excited to welcome another little one to our family.  i've learned so much about myself over this past year (i know, such a cliche thing to say.  but really.)  i'm finding out who/what is really important to us and growing more comfortable in my skin, my likes, my dislikes every day.  i have absolutely loved being a stay at home mom.  i won't lie and say i didn't get stir crazy being in the house every now and then.  honestly,  i have put her in her car seat and taken a little drive up to sonic down the road just to sit in the car with a coke to drink and for a little break.  we need breaks every once in a while as moms.  i used to feel guilty for "needing a break" but i know it's best for all of us.  i'm super blessed to have a husband that helps out so much.  he understands some days we need take-out.  he always gets elle in the mornings and brings her to me with a fresh diaper.  he plays with her in the evenings and wants to be there for us.

ellie reese, i love you so much and daddy does too.  you have 6 teeth (two bottom, four top front).  you don't have any desire to walk, but you've started doing a little gorilla crawl.  you love food... waffles and bananas are two of your favorite things.  you're shy for a minute and then love all the attention.  you say "haaiiii" to millie when you wake up from every nap.  you're a good sleeper.  you napped on me over the weekend for the first time in a while.  i kind of really loved it.  you love other babies and kids.  you laugh when we say the word "funny" and babble like crazy.  you are a precious little baby and you make our world wonderful.


  1. Oh my goodness, so precious, sweet, and beautiful. I loved getting to have a peek into this little girl's life!

    1. Aw! So sweet of you. Thanks for following along! It means a lot.

  2. She is so beautiful les! I enjpy watching you and your family grow=) It's crazy how much our lives have changed since we first became friends. I am proud of the woman you have become!!

  3. So sweet! Having a precious daughter fills your heart w joy I know. :))

  4. People started asking us when we would be having a second as soon as my first was born...thankfully God surprised us with Carter just 4 months later and we can't imagine life without him. Enjoy every second of your time with sweet little Ellie. Don't feel rushed :)

  5. Ellie is so precious and heavenly. I'm so happy for you, Lesley. :)

  6. What a darling blog cutest fam I have ever ever seen!