this post is kind of a mixture of random thoughts of where we are right now.... it's a happy place.

we're making some changes around here.  we're getting rid of things we don't need.  we're de-cluttering.  it feels good.  really good.  i'm in the mood to redecorate.... which costs money, so for now i have my eye on a new sofa on craigslist.  i'm looking forward to so many things and also trying to live now to the fullest as well.  our colorado trip is on and i can't wait to be outside and do some hiking.  michael has been biking to work a couple days a week and i know this isn't a big deal to people that live in bigger cities where biking, walking and buses are the main transportation.  but, springfield is really just now trying to become more bike friendly.  our house is around 6 miles from his work and he's loving the extra exercise he's been getting.  he said he just feels better.  he feels like he's not in a big rush.  the other day he forgot his belt because he changes into his work clothes when he gets there. and of course it was on the one day that elle was sleeping in.  i woke her up and we met him.  after that we went to the park.  we haven't been going to the park very often because we're kind of slow in the mornings and it's too hot later in the day.  this needs to change.  elle loves the park.  i love the park.  we were the only ones there that weren't walking on the track so i took about a million pictures of her.  some people think if you're taking pictures that you miss out on the moment.  i agree somewhat, but i also love being goofy trying to get her to smile and laugh.  i love these snapshots of her personality and i'll be so happy i was a camera-happy mom later on.  i try to take a few and then put away the camera (in this case my phone) and put full attention on her the rest of the time.  it's good to find a balance.  i've noticed lately that my blog is basically a big "scrapbook" of pictures of elle.  i'm ok with that (and i hope you don't get too tired of seeing pictures of her).   she's kind of a big part of life.

do you get the itch to make changes?  i'm glad i married someone that puts up with my ideas... and that  is actually sometimes a little crazier than i am with wanting to change things up.  it keeps things fun and exciting.



  1. I, too, love changes. Right now we are moving from Denver to Miami. We will be staying with my grandma for a little while but hope to find our own home soon. We got rid of 85% of our stuff which means when we do get our own place we can start over fresh. I am so excited! :-)

  2. I'm so glad things are going so well for you and your little family! I can't believe Elle will be one soon!