we had so much fun at elle's party!  and i think she did, too.  our friends and family made the day special and i'm so thankful for all the people that love elle.  i decided to go all out for her first birthday and we ended up with quite a crowd.  michael grilled about 60 hot dogs and my mother in law made mac and cheese and beans.  i got caught up in visiting that i didn't take pictures of the details of decor and such, but my little brother used my camera and got lots of great pictures of the day.  they are so special to me.  he took so many that i'm dividing them up into different posts so i have them all in one place to look back on.  hope ya don't mind. ;)  it's still crazy to me that my baby is one!


  1. Cute pictures! :P
    It was good seeing you all! Love you!

  2. so fun! Looks beautiful; full of family and friends. I can picture Elle looking like the sweet little blonde girl running up the stairs in the 7th pic from the bottom!