the royal gorge was something michael really wanted to do... i was "whatever" with it. mostly because it was almost $30 a person and i could think of other ways to spend 60 dollars. but, he talked me into it and i'd say it was worth our money. we had a fun day... other than our precious baby being suuuuper cranky because she was way tired. we took our time walking across the bridge. it was nothing for us since we aren't scared of heights, but if we were it would have been pretty scary. the bridge swayed back and forth with the wind and people drive cars on it, which makes the whole thing shake. the view down was gorgeous. there was a trail that we walked along and looked at some animals (buffalo, elk, long horned sheep and more...basically i was glad we didn't pay to go to the zoo the day before like we had planned). there was also a petting zoo. elle wanted absolutely nothing to do with the goats and that's when we realized the rest of the time was going to be fun since she was over exhausted and it was hot. we tried sitting her on the donkey with no luck and decided to ride the carousal on our way out. the place was pretty empty so we went around twice. then elle let us know she was done because when she starts pulling at my shirt in public, you know it's not going to be pretty. we took a nice drive to let her sleep in the car before lunch and went up skyline drive..... way scarier to drive than pikes peak...i'll share some pictures of it in the next post.

yes, i'm dragging out an almost 2 week vaca into a million posts. we miss the hiking and outdoors from colorado so michael has found a few trails around the area that we're excited to check out. we have a gender reveal party tonight to find out if we're going to have a new niece or nephew! and we're going to a fall festival thing tomorrow, which i'm very excited about. i really do love fall! hope your weekend is fantastic!


  1. $30 would be pushing it for me, too, but it looks like you guys got some amazing photographs. i can see why elle might get a little fussy though - her little pink cheeks give away her exhaustion + heat.

    but the views! those views are just amazing.

  2. Hiking with my husband is one of my favorites. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Wow it looks beautiful there, love all the pictures! Ellie is so adorable by the way!