guess who?

when i uploaded pictures from thanksgiving day and started looking at them i noticed a theme..... ellie. i didn't take any pictures of food or the family we were with. there were a couple with michael and me, but other than that.... ellie. can you blame me though? SUCH A CUTIE. she wasn't thrilled with my camera in her face since she had about a 15 minute nap and decided it was time to play.

we loved having michael home for a few days and having the coffmans stay with us. now it's back to just the two of us (plus our dog) during the day and we maybe have taken the last two days to take it easy and stay in our jammies way too long.

our tree is up. christmas lights are everywhere... inside and out. i can't believe we're starting to go into the winter months and that my baby will be 16 months in about a week.  she is doing good staying away from the tree so far, but likes to test how close she can get to touching it. it usually results in looking back at me and i give her the mom look (you know the one) and her giggling like crazy.  it might be a long month.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! we love you and we're so very thankful for you!



  1. She ADORABLE! Those pigtails are so sweet.

  2. What precious photos! Lovely blog!