only for my dad...

ellie wore an ou shirt last weekend. and, let me tell you, my husband was shaking his head the entire time. he's a big k state fan (and they happened lose on the day she wore this... knocking them out of their #1 spot.)

 .... anyways... enough football talk.

my girl wears pig tails! i'm kind of in love with them and don't care that it might be a little bit over the top to have piggy tails that stick straight up right on top her head. gosh-- i love that girl.  and she loves her cousins. the second picture describes these three when they're together. hagen goofing off, kadi playing mom and ellie not really into kadi playing mom.

we had an early thanksgiving at my parents. weekends in the country are so good and i'm usually torn about heading back to springfield. it's nice to be at our home, but leaving my family is not easy. i'm so thankful for all of them and the fun we have (mostly laughing at/with my mom).

tonight some visitors are coming to stay with us for a few nights while they're in town visiting family and i can't wait for them to get here!!

happy thanksgiving, all!

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  1. Oh! Love all the hairstyles of the kids! So so cute! They look so cute! :)
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