i know christmas has come and gone and it's a new year, but i'm way behind on blogging. i also know that these are some blurry photos, but i love them just the same. so, ellie and santa weren't exactly bff's this year. she sat there for a second looked at him and realized she wanted anyone but him. she did love that moose and waved like she was some sort of princess.

it's 2013 and i'm excited to see what this year brings. we'll be welcoming a new niece and another new niece or nephew (my sister isn't finding out what she's having). babies galore so i'll either get my "baby fix" or i'll have baby fever like crazy. we shall see. we'll be entering the two's stage with elle and i don't think she could ever be terrible..... knock on wood. it should be a pretty laid back year for us.

happy new year, friends! i haven't even thought too much about resolutions. did you set some goals for this year? i need some inspiration. ;)



  1. I think that's a reindeer not a moose Lesley :)
    My 2013 (had to change that from 2012, oops) resolutions are simple. More water, less sugar.

  2. you are so right! she did ride on a moose too and waved just as much. :) I'm a big water drinker.... I could work on the whole less sugar thing.

  3. ha! those photos with santa are too great.

    we didn't take natalie to see him this year but i'm sure her reaction would have been similar to elle's.

    happy new your to you!