Michael's parents recently moved to Jefferson City for a new job and we went up to visit this past weekend. They got snow (we got ice) so they bought a sled and we took Ellie down the hill. She liked it a lot, but was done after just a few times . I realized I need to buy her some gloves and better snow gear, but thankfully spring is just around the corner so maybe we won't need it unless we get some snow in March which happens often in Missouri. Our tulips in the front yard started to come up and I think they're so confused now since we've been getting lots of freezing rain. Today is pretty gloomy. We're staying tucked away indoors.

We've got some big changes possibly happening this spring and summer and we're excited to see what God has in store for us. I feel like I kind of went into hibernation mode this winter on the blog front. I'm hoping to be back more regularly, but not making any promises. I like the new direction so far. And, happy to be back to my old space. 



  1. Praying for you guys & the possible changes! Missed seeing your posts, sweet friend.