a veil makes the bride?

i'm getting nervous. i went dress shopping, but didn't find one dress i was crazy about. i did, however, find one online, but it's more than i wanted to make my parents spend on a dress. it's beautiful though and would be simple to make. anyone up for making me a wedding dress??

it was a terrible experience at one certain bridal shop. (i won't name any names.) but, i told the lady i did NOT want a veil and what did she do? she stuck a veil in my hair as i was standing there. she said i would not be a bride if i didn't wear one. i wouldn't stand out from the rest of the group. isn't that what the white dress does? and the fact i'm up there standing next to the groom. oh well. it made me even more anti-this unnamed store.

i'll post a picture of "the veil" later. anna was my photographer while trying on dresses. thanks annalee!

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