25 things.

The thing to do on facebook is now the "my 25 things" so I've decided to do "25 things about my wedding" Enjoy!

1. The date is August 8th, 2009

2. My colors are canary yellow, a couple of shades of blue (navy and light), with some white accents

3. I'm marrying my best friend.

4. As mentioned in another blog, I'm a two dress bride. I ordered my second off the internet.

5. I'm also a two bridesmaid dress... we ordered the first from Urban Outfitter. The dress I *believe I'm sticking with is from Alloy.

6. We are getting married in a church in the country. It's Church of Christ. We are Baptist. But, it's cute and has a barn in front. The chapel is being built right now and we haven't even seen the finished product. I'm sure it will be perfect.

7. We want our guests to have fun and enjoy our day with us. So, it will be laid back and not formal.

8. Michael is making the Save the Dates... hopefully they will be done soon!

9. We have 2 flower girls and 3 ring boys.

10. I love all my bridesmaids.

11. Michaels groomsmen are cool too.

12. We were going to have an indoor reception.

13. Now, weather permitting, it may be outside. :)

14. My ring pillow was Michaels parents in their wedding.

15. I'm adding yellow ribbon to it.

16. I can't decide on what color of shoes I want.

17. I'm a no veil kind of girl.

18. I can't wait for him to see me in my dress.

19. My sister is my MOH. Sean is his best man and is also singing and playing a musical instrument. It will be a surprise.

20. I love my wedding planning book from Target.

21. Our photographer is Jared. Check him out at www.jdesignstudio.com.

22. I'm thinking we will make the flower girl dresses. Maybe.

23. I'm finding new things I want to do all the time.

24. Eat before or after you come. No dinner, just dessert. Hope you have a sweet tooth! We haven't decided on a time yet.

25. I'm ready for it to be here, but have lots more to do!!

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