you've got mail.

today i went on a walk and it was glorious. i fell in love with my neighborhood all over again.

i was worried while walking that i would miss the delivery man.
there are so many things i'm expecting in the mail this week:
1. MY WEDDING DRESS (from JCrew)
2. a possible bridesmaid dress (from Alloy)
3. A cute light blue dress for me (from Alloy)
4. An adorable white/black lace design cardigan (from Alloy)
5. Cute Chestnut colored boots (from Alloy)
6. A floral pink tank top (from Alloy)
And also.....

this is a pillow i ordered from urban outfitters.
it was on sale for $9.99
a "M" for michael. from urban outfitters.
and a "L" for lesley. also, from urban outfitters.

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