i got twitter. AND funny, funny, funny... i found out michael has one too! he got one because some of the NFL players have one and i semi made fun of him, but then had to be honest that i had one too. i also found out my older brother has one and i'm following eonline, so i am in the know on all kinds of things.
i've had a productive day. michael's parents are back from italy so his mom and i went to mcalisters deli and then did some birthday shopping for michael. we also did some grocery shopping, i got lots of fruit! (i'm sooo glad his mom and i get along!) and now, i'm relaxing on the couch while watching the food network. later, michael is coming over and we are supposed to go jogging (weather permitting) and then tonight we are having a roommate Bible study. tonight is the first night and i'm excited. the book we are doing is about relationships/friendships. it should be good!

sent out save the dates today!
how cute are these shower invites??
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  1. Hey Lesley! I love your blog... I, too, love the bright, simple decor look you like! I want to do more decorating, but I am trying to pace myself!

    Okay, so I just text you to see when we are going to hang out! Yeah, that is a step closer than we have gotten before!!