i am a married woman.

i like being married. i like our home. i like our life. hopefully, things will begin to get back to normal and slow down a bit. i loved the wedding season, but now i'm just excited for fall and being a wife. there are still a lot of things to do.... finish changing my name everywhere (what a task!!) and finishing up "thank you" cards. good thing i have the next two days off. i WILL be productive. i will.


  1. Congrats Leslie!
    It's still such a funny thing to say to myself...I'm a married woman! Still getting used to it, but enjoying all the time together with Matt.
    Changing the last name can be really frustrating! But don't let it be. Just remember that it's part of the process and it's worth it!
    We still haven't started our wedding thank yous it's been a little over a month eesh...so so many.
    Thank you for reminding me of those though...It's going to take time and determination!
    You can do it!

  2. Oh man, that whole name change thing is annoying! Glad you're loving being married-- it gets even better! Just wait until you're an old veteran like Ev and I :).