Can you believe it's almost October? I sure can't! October brings my birthday.... which I'm not sure I'm thrilled about. 23. It seems like I should be established in a career, but I am far, far, far away from it. I'm working at a hospital and not loving it so much. My goal is to have a new job that I will enjoy before my birthday. I don't need anything else if I get that. Well, except for my early birthday present my husband got me (my MacBook). But, I do think it would be fun to think of 29 things I would want for my birthday. And that would make blogging ideas for the next 29 a little more easy. SO, starting tomorrow October 1st, I will be blogging about my search for a new job (to keep me motivated) and also about what I would like for my birthday (just wishes, nothing I HAVE to have.)

I already got started on the job search. Today my resume got updated and I did a couple of online applications. And, I have been praying God will show me what He wants and not just what I want. Please be praying with me!

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  1. I love reading your blogs! I can't believe it's almost October either and I also can't believe you're going to be 23!