happy monday?

i'm going to be boring today...  i'm tired. and, probably will be like this the next couple of days.  it's not my favorite thing leaving for work when it's dark outside still and coming home when it's already dark out.  monday nights are probably my favorite as far as tv shows go. so i'm enjoying sitting on the couch with my husband.  by the way, i'm so glad i married a man that loves roller-coasters like me.

There's us on Wildfire at Silver Dollar City!  My dad and little brother are right behind us.
I've always been my dad's roller-coaster buddy.


  1. your blog is absolutely adorable! oh my i love it so much! and you can never use the word love too much.

  2. great picture!
    Great title to a blog!... makes me think of cinderella.. is that where you got it? My came from Marry Poppins. Gotta love them disney movies!!