it's my birthday.

i am twenty-three years old today.  it doesn't feel like it one bit.  i chose to have all the family (minus my big bro and his family in texas) go to silver dollar city on sunday.  it's a tradition that the birthday person gets to eat where ever they want, and the skillet from sdc sounded excellent.  so, all 14 of us drove to branson and had a wonderful day.  we rode many rides, including the kid ones.  i still feel like a kid at heart and probably would pass for one at times (remember i'm not too tall.. haha.)

my dad and i matched in plaid (not on purpose):                                        

my niece and i matched in plaid (not on purpose):

michael and hagen matched in stripes (and hair):

my baby bro and me.

the lankfords, my sister's adorable family.
(enjoying a yummy funnel cake)

my new nephew, jackson

hagen and kadi

kadi enjoyed this swing/boat

this makes me smile.

see, still a kid :)

Happy Birthday to me!