can you make yourself like something?

the other day i mentioned i started liking cottage cheese, outta nowhere!  i also mentioned that i wished i liked peanut butter.  i've never even been able to stand the smell.  my little brother always thought it was hilarious to put peanut butter right in front of my face. wellll, i can stand the smell now and have even made a couple of sandwiches for michael.... so maybe i might like the taste too?  i want to like puppy chow, pb & j sandwiches, pb & celery, and reeses pb cups.  maybe i should just give in and try it.  but, i've spent my whole entire life disliking it.

funny fact: when michael was little he called "pb & j"  "pp & j" (not on purpose) and even accidentally did it the other day.  i laughed so hard.  mature, right?

 this seems silly to be blogging about this, i know.
but, really, can you make yourself like something?

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  1. is kind of a hard one to make yourself like, because I think sometimes it's all in the mind and what the food we dislike, has been associated with. Our taste buds change from when we were little into adulthood, making foods yummy or more tolerable. Like cottage cheese! :)
    How long has it been since you ate it? Did you just grow up not liking the taste?
    I've never liked liver and onions...but I think it is very logical for me to say the texture is just terrible, and I don't think that will ever change! :)

    Maybe if you made something like...peanut butter fudge, you could eat it!

  2. p.s. When it comes to making yourself like something like basketball, because your husband watches it too much, then it isn't too hard I least I kind of started liking it.