happy friday!


i wanted to give you a gooood laugh today!
so, go ahead. laugh.

look how goofy that helmet looks on me!
i found this picture from back in august on michael's macbook.
and i laughed at how ridiculous i look.
honestly, i can't even drive the thing!
maybeee i'll try again in the spring.

until then..... it's time to go Christmas decorating shopping! :)
our plans for this evening include just that.
i can't wait.
but, we aren't putting up the tree or any decorations until next weekend.

i work tomorrow, boo.
but, i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

do something fun.

p.s. for some reason i'm in such a jolly mood today. 
                                    and i love it.


  1. ooo where did you buy your vespa! i want one for my wedding. ride off on a little vespa! eeks! i love your blog! mind if i follow?
    p.s. being jolly is fitting! my tree has been up for a couple of weeks now. i love CHRISTMAS!


  2. I road one of those things once and it was fun till I hit some loose gravel and away I went. Boy it hart, but I got over it..

    Well you missed my fish dinner (Deep fried), I though they were good, course I would you know that is I all ways thank my fish are really good. I thank I will see you next Sunday, at Coys birthday party (I thank We are envited that is).
    I really think the helment looks good on you. love Grandpa Bill