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okay, so... i guess maybe i've been in a sappy movie mood.  this week i've watched the holiday and just finished p.s. i love you.  i enjoy the movies, but i've seen them a few times so i found my mind wandering a little.  while watching the holiday i was trying to figure out if i'd want to live in the cute little cottage or the large, everything included LA place.  my husband would probably choose the LA place, because of the theatre system and all the dvd's plus that big screen.  but, i think i'd go for the cottage.  simple and sweet.

{all photos found by google images.}

i think it's time for a trip to a bed and breakfast
 or  just somewhere relaxing and cozy.

Now, about p.s. i love you..... i can't understand how she is soooo unhappy with living in their "little" apartment.  it's decorated amazingly.  i love all the curtains and little details in it.  the movie also makes me realize i should not take the little things in life for granted and to be happy with life.

{collage found at apartment therapy}

Oh, and who wouldn't want to go to Ireland?
Michael's parents went last year and I was jealous.
 Their pictures are beautiful.
magazine article about their trip here.

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  1. Oh my gosh, yes. I love the Holiday. The little cottage is even better then the LA mansion in my opinion.