i've always been one to say no christmas music until after thanksgiving.  but, i'm hooked.  springfield has a radio station that plays it non-stop and i listened to sufjan stevens holiday albums. so good.  it really put me in the mood to do our christmas cards that i've been putting off.  once started... i really enjoyed doing them. i hand-stamped each one and wrote a little note inside.  we'll take a picture as soon as our tree is up to put in the card. :)  pictures to come (after i send them out!)

we are more than likely going to do a real tree this year.... our first christmas as a married couple.  i wish our tree would magically turn pink...

like this one... {found here}... but michael is pretty set on having a green tree and i'm ok with it.  i cannot wait to decorate our place and help my parents put the tree up while we're home for thanksgiving.
 looooove the. holidays. so. much.


  1. i can't believe you've started your christmas cards! you're making my to do list longer and longer!

    i guess i better get crackin'!

    i'm pretty jealous of your real tree. we're making ours out of barn wood from the wedding! i'll have to have you down to see it when it's all finished!

  2. i can't wait to see! i think michael is going to ask chad about coming up and doing a couple of pictures of us... :)

  3. I'm holding back on Christmas music - I don't even push the button on my radio that is preset for the Christmas station. Must. Wait. Until. Next. Friday. (but I don't know if I can!)

  4. Love this pic! Can't wait to see yours. Great blog by the way!