oh dear!

cute little guy, huh?

he loooooves me.

the weekend ended up being a little different than planned.  i got nothing done on friday because i got sick.  i'm tired of working around sick people and getting sick what seems like alllll the time.  this time was bad enough that michael slept on the couch. :(  our first night not sleeping in the same bed.  but, i can't blame him.  i mean, i was sick and he has finals soon so can't afford to get sickly now.  so, i didn't get to go to art walk and didn't do any Christmas shopping.  we did go to a wedding, but sat in the back and stayed only long enough to say hi.  i felt much, much better. then, went to his parents church for a Christmas choir service and last night was spent sipping on a mudturtle from mudhouse with michael's sister.  it was nice. :)

pictures found here.

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