goodbye bad mood of 2010.

i have a confession.  i've been a grump.  i'm sorry husband for being so grumpy.
 i do have a reason for my grumpy state, but it's no excuse.
 i've decided to not let this reason (my job) get in the way of me being happy.
  sooooo.... i started my day by reading my Bible
 and i am going to be SO productive and de-clutter away.
 i think it will make me feel better if the place is way organized.

and then, i will eat a cupcake lucy sent over to us...
(and then feel like i should go downstairs and work out!)

what makes you feel better when you're in a not-so-great-mood?

{if only i could go to the beach and jump around with some balloons.}

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  1. I hate bad moods. :/ But to snap out of it, I usually go running. So refreshing. :)

  2. I need to think postive like you. My job has been making me grumpy too. My poor boyfriend.