i'm in house love.

we know it will be a while before we can move out and put in an offer on a house.  but, time seems to be flying so i know it will be here before we know it!  that makes me excited and nervous.  we found a house we absolutely LOVE (or at least love the pictures), but it's a little bit out of our price range.  i was a house stalker and drove by today.  it's just so charming.  for some reason, i have a feeling i'm going to be an emotional first time homebuyer.  i already feel sorry for our real estate agent when we get one.  the house looks similar to the dream one.  loooooove it.

**p.s. i'm not really wanting this blog to be taken over with our house hunt or inspiration for the house.  i will share some, but i'll keep most pictures at my tumblr site.  :)

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