happy birthday, sister!

25 things i LOVE about having my big sister.
1.  having someone to look up to.
2.  double the clothes when we lived at home.  (yes, we fought over some like all loving sisters do.)
3.  her feeling the need to always be there for me.   mom used to find her trying to crawl into my crib.
4.  her red hair.  sometimes i’m envious of her red hair.
5.  because she let me be her roommate for a short time.  (she kicked me out because i talked too much before bed.)
6.  her love for her family.
7.  she gave us kadi and hagen (my adorable niece and nephew)
8.  she’ll give me lots of cute clothes for my kids one day.  maybe even some maternity clothes.  score on not having to spend money. :)
9.  her apple pies.  yummy.
10.  having someone to dance to backstreet boys with on the fireplace.
11. she drove me around before i could drive.  even though she made me listen to country music.
12. she likes to shop with me.
13.  feeling like i’m not the only short girl around.
14.  i get to pretend i’m a photographer and take pictures of her family.  and she likes them.
15.  i had someone to play barbies and house with (even though we made little brother play too)
16.  her love for life.
17.  giving me her old bicycle when she got a new one.  then i wrecked it.
18.  she approved of my husband.
19.  visiting me in springfield is something she does… even though she doesn’t like to drive very far.
20.  her love for animals and letting me love on her puppy, mya.
21.  the fact she let her daughter have a goat and two bunnies for her 4th birthday.
22.  her pretty smile.
23.  the way she used to call our mom “marmy” because of little women.
24.  making it easy for me to decide on a maid of honor.
25.  that we are sisters and best friends forever.  (cheesy, i know.)
WISH i was with my family eating chinese food right now for sister’s birthday.  but, i’m here in springfield, snuggled up on my couch, and watching tv with husband.

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