i've been a bad, bad blogger in 2010.  no excuses really... just haven't done much worth blogging about.  sad, i know.  but, i have some way exciting news!  we love our home here in our apartment.  i really do.  it would be so nice to have a puppy, a backyard, a grill and just the feeling that something is really ours.  oh, and to paint!  with all that being said... we are officially house hunting!  it's going to be a little while, because we don't reallly want to break our lease here.  we're just going to start looking and hopefully find something we both love.  any advice on buying a house?

our current home.

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  1. Don't settle! You will find one you love! We looked at so many, and.. I got attached to each one. None of them worke out, cuz GOd had better plans! I absolutely LOVE the one we have. You will find one you love! Maybe it will be the first one :)!