happy friday!

in honor of next week being all about love :)
i want to do something extra special for my husband every day next week.  

it's going to be another weekend that's filled with snow and cold.
i'm ready for spring so we can spend our weekends outside.

we have a pretty busy weekend planned and, now that i'm thinking about it, most of it has to do with sports?!  tomorrow we're going to look at a bunch of houses.  then, going to the boys basketball game at missouri state with friends....not my idea of an enjoyable saturday night, but at least meg will be there to keep me company! (and i think this could qualify as something extra special, since michael wants to go..right?)  sunday is church.  michael's playing drums this week and i love seeing that boy play!  and, of course, the super bowl is sunday so we're hanging out with people from our small group.

it should be a good weekend :)
hope yours is good, too.

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