an off day.

i need some coffee (with a cute bow).

i've decided i need to learn some things.  i usually have days off during the week and i'm thinking i should be more productive. i follow all these blogs that are crafty so i guess i should start crafting and not just admiring everyone else and their crafting skills.  so i want to learn things like: how to crochet, sew better and cook/bake.  i want to teach my (maybe) future daughter all these things, so i guess i better get started on learning.  right?  it will be nice because if we get the house then i'll have my own area for crafty things.  but, for now i need to quit procrastinating and go do laundry.

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  1. Baking is so much fun. Just Pick a Recipe Book at the Library and just slowing make your favorite recipes. Be bold! That is the best way to learn to cook or bake! I have made some great things but also some not great things. Its about experimenting! Desserts are the best!

    Elisabeth Adele