happy friday!

this weekend will be a good one.
tonight is art walk.
the last one we'll be able to walk from our home to.

tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day!
we're getting up early to go to a HUGE garage sale (at remmingtons.)

my mom, sister, niece, nephew and aunt are all coming to visit.
we're planning on doing some spring shopping.
i miss them and can't wait to see them!!

then, saturday night we're going to see alice in wonderland with friends.
michael isn't so sure about it, but i would like to see it.
and we like hanging out with our friends.

sunday is church and then relaxing.

get out and enjoy the sunshine!
sunday's high: 64!!  yes!

ps: those are some possible paint colors going in our new home.  
it's a hard decision.

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  1. Hey! I want to see house pics!! How exciting!