the process.

we heard from many people that the house buying process can be tough at times.  i'm here to assure you: it's not that bad...  at all.  everything went smoothly for us.  yes, if we would have opted to buy the short sale home it might have been a different story.  but, buying this home was a breeze for us.  luckily, we live in an area that housing is VERY affordable.  if you want affordable housing just move to springfield, missouri. :)

we're still getting settled.  i just felt it was necessary to paint every single room in the house.


  1. How exciting! I want to see some pics of the inside ASAP!!

  2. i would say to come over whitney.... but i just saw your fb status. you're leaving me!!! i didn't even get to hang out with you much. i better see your baby before you leave! :)