i feel.... free.

i haven't been feeling very productive lately.  i usually get distracted way too easily and before i know it i've wasted so much of my day.  i'm not a fan of my job... i don't look forward to going.  i keep saying i'm going to find a new one and i do nothing about it.  michael tries to be a good husband and is patient with me.  he gave me some great ideas on our way home from seneca on sunday.  but, you know what?  i've had the last 3 days off and i've done nothing about finding a new place to work.  i think i have it in my head that i can stay home when we have kids, but i also know i need to have a back-up plan and we don't know how long it will be before we're ready for kids.  so, what am i waiting for?

i did some things today that will hopefully help me take more advantage of having days off.  i want to be a good wife and get the cleaning done.  i want to learn how to cook better and more often.  i decided to stop twitter and tumblr.  they both were really useless to me, anyways.  i stopped "following" so many blogs. i'm also going to stop watching tv during the day and no more silly fake reality shows for me. (yes, i'm talking bachelorette) and instead, i'll sit outside in the pool with my husband.

so, now my plan is to get out and enjoy the day, play with millie, and step away from my addicting computer.


i'm going to have fun things to keep in this little blog of mine because i'm gonna get out and live my life more.


  1. It's so easy to say one thing and do another. I do that all the time.
    But once you're motivated, and you see the differences it makes each day, it's easier to stick with it.

    I was wondering, how do you stop following blogs? I've been trying to figure it out, because I have so so many that I never read, and they are overwhelming.

  2. go to your dashboard. click on manage blogs, then click settings beside the one you want to stop following and there is a spot to click on "stop following" :)

    i see you're back home! hope you enjoy it. :)