today was a pretty good day.  michael played drums at church so it was an early day for us.  we went to lunch with friends and then home depot.  i convinced michael a nap was needed and then we FINALLY started painting the upstairs hall.  it's tough painting by the stairs.  i went way more neutral than the rest of the house and, i'm not gonna lie, i kinda love it.  it's a very relaxing color.  now, it's storming... thunder/lightening/rain and i'm ready for design star to come on.

i like sundays.
can you believe it's almost JULY?  i sure can't.  i love fireworks and the 4th of july.

3 years ago michael met my parents for the first time at seneca's fireworks show and then we were supposed to watch more fireworks on his uncle's boat, but lightening stopped that.  i like his curly hair in this picture.  cracks me up.

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