baby, baby.

many of my close friends from church are pregnant or have just had a baby.  we have 4 in our life group that are expecting.... and our life group isn't all that big.  last night i had a dream.  i was VERY pregnant.  (after seeing inception i try to remember my dreams, haha) it was a strange dream.  another blogger i've never even met was in it and she was giving me lots of advice...even though she's never had a baby in real life.  anyways, i woke up thinking WHAT IF i am. (but probably only had the dream because i had to stuff my bag under my shirts on the lost river at silver dollar city so it wouldn't get wet.  i had a serious "baby bump") sometimes i think we're ready... and then michael walked back into the room (with his phone) after brushing his teeth this morning and said, "look at this car, do you like it?  i'll buy it for you."  he is not in baby mode. ;)

i love reading about babies, births and so on.  so that when the time does come i'll be somewhat prepared.  one of my absolute favorites is dear baby.

*first photo from we heart it.

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