family & twitter.

hagen kyle :)

these two cousins have become best friends...
even though one lives in tx and one lives in mo.

millie took brennan on a walk.
(this is the street i grew up on.)

the only picture i got of all 6 kids... they were tired.
yes, we spent half the day eating gross pizza and playing silly games.

told ya they were tired.

jackson woke up and held his hand up to his ear.
he said:  "hi mommy"
i looked at him weird and he looked at me.
he said:  "where'd the phone go??"
i said:  "what phone?"
 (laughing pretty hard because he never had a phone)
he said:  "you told me to say hi to my mom."

i think he misses his mom!
it was good to spend the day with all the kids.

by the way,  i'm back on twitter.
it's private, but if you'd like to follow me request and i'll accept:  lesleykgordon


  1. aw, what fun! haha I definitely had a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese once.

  2. so sweet! your little cousins look like a fun bunch :)

  3. it was fun! :)

    paige, they are all my nieces and nephews!