i'm ready now.

- our trip to Kansas City.
-  a new job
- michael to be done with school
- remodel our master bathroom
- a new stove
- football season (crazy i know, but i love sunday afternoons napping while michael watches the game.)
- all the little babies to start showing up at our life group :)
- fall!!!  am i crazy or what?

really, i''m just putting off doing housework.


  1. ooh, I like the "you might also like" tab. How do you do that?

    I am ready for fall too... but I think once I am ready for fall, then I will be wanting winter, then spring, then summer. So, enjoy today while you have it!

  2. i'm ready for fall too!
    too hottttttt!!

  3. I totally agree. Love the picture :)

  4. I'm totally ready for fall. My favorite ever. Also that photo of you is adorable!

  5. @aimiee it's called linkwithin, and thanks for that reminder. i'm always like that every.single.season.

    @dulci i agree, but it's rained here a lot the last few days.

    @paige thanks :)

    @erin i always say it's my favorite when it comes around. and thank you!