fall is my most favorite.

life is getting crazy again. michael started classes on monday and he's been one busy boy.  millie is at the vet today so we won't have any millie puppies.  i have lots of cleaning/laundry piling up from working 24 hours in the past 2 days.  BUT, this weather.  oh my goodness.  we slept with the windows open last night and it was glorious.  i'm ready for labor day weekend.  mostly because my husband will have a little break and we're going to my parents for a day or two....which means i can ride my horse.  i'm thankful for this time... so i'm not wishing it away, but this fall like weather is making me so excited for oatmeal in the mornings, hot tea, cardigans, pumpkins, mums, and silver dollar city in the fall.  oh, and my birthday.  fall is my most favorite.  this pretty much sums up my love for fall in pictures.

anyone have any good movie recommendations? we got netflix and it seems like we keep getting action/blow up movies in the mail.  i need a good romantic comedy or major chick flick.


  1. if you haven't seen 500 days of summer yet i highly suggest you do. my very favorite movie.

  2. That is a good movie, we just got Leap Year, which I had already seen, but is very cute! hmm.. I'll think on that and let you know. We got a really good independent film one time called the The Visitor, we really enjoyed that one!

  3. i've seen both of those...loved 500 days...leap year was cute, but kinda cheesy at the same time. :) thanks for the suggestions!