wedding week: the reception.

we chose to have the reception in the same place as the ceremony.  i wasn't crazy in love with the giant room where it would be held (but then again, i was hoping it would come closer and the weather would maybe look like it was going to be nice and cool... yeah right) anyways, the room was a little bit awkward with some pictures the church had up and little bulletin boards.  it turned out to be fine and we didn't have a long reception.  we made sure to visit with guests... let them enjoy the desserts (neither one of us ate anything) and listen to the watson's sing (thanks again chad and skyler).  michael's mom grew a ton of flowers in her backyard for the tables and lots of family and friends made desserts.  michael's mom also made close to 500 "G" cookies.  we may have had a little bit of a "rushed" reception... but it was plenty long to us!  because we just couldn't wait to have some alone time as husband and wife.  the drive up to st. louis was wonderful.  we talked a lot.  i picked bird seed out of my hair.  we stopped at mcdonalds.  we watched people look at us in our "just married" car.  it was nice and we didn't get to st. louis tooooo late.  ok, now some pictures after that wordy intro:


  1. What a special and beautiful day! We are so blessed to have you as a daughter-inlaw! I love to look back at these photos and I just smile because the whole wedding and reception was truly the beautiful and sweet person that you are! Congrats on 1 whole year!
    Mom Gordon

  2. Thanks for sharing tidbits of your wedding. I love weddings most for the beautiful personal moments they provide. I hope my moments are as wonderful as yours were! :)