happy friday!

hello friends!  i've decided i'll be stepping away from the computer the rest of today and probably the rest of the weekend to soak in some friend/family time.  we have a busy weekend ahead, but that's just fine with me.  today i get to see my lovely friend kourtney and hear all about her summer trip to peru and how God worked there.  then, tonight we're heading down to artwalk downtown with 3 other married couples.  and we'll be making a mini-trip to seneca to see my family and celebrate kadi's fifth birthday.  i'm reaaally looking forward to monday because we'll both be home just taking it easy. hope your weekend is just as wonderful. any fun plans for this labor day weekend?

oh, and i've been loving these videos ruby is creating on cakies.  this one is my favorite.
it makes me want to dance like a little kid. (fyi: i'm a TERRIBLE dancer :))

8/20/10 slice of life from rubyellen bratcher on Vimeo.

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  1. Have an amazing long-weekend! I love love love the video it makes me want to dance too :)