please excuse the weird kissy face.  i'm not sure what i was thinking.

i didn't want to get out of my warm, cozy bed.
i'm still in my pjs.
my house is freezing.
i've been listening to fleet foxes radio on pandora since i woke up.
i should be cleaning instead of blogging.
i'm kinda missing my dark, longer hair. (michael told me the other night he missed it)
i'm also kinda missing living in the apartment downtown because i could walk to places instead of having to drive. 
it's 54 degrees outside...
i'm thankful for fall.

i think i'll make chili for dinner.  it's that kind of day.


  1. your hair in that picture is beautifuuuul.

  2. I love that hair color on you! You have great hair... seriously, in every picture it looks awesome. I am growing my hair out too but keeping my bangs. I miss being able to put it up in a knot way high on my head. That was favorite hairstyle. My husband called it topknot. Anyway... very cute :)

  3. Oh! And where did you get the tape strip? It's so cute. I guess you can just email me if you want!

  4. thanks miss kylee!

    paige i LOVED wearing my hair on top of my head too... it probably looked better on you with your curlyish hair.. (mine is SO straight)

    oh, and the tape strip is from pugly pixels. there is a little link on the bottom of my side column. i thought my banner needed a little something.

  5. goodness, you have the cutest hair! it looks great both light AND dark. not many can pull that off :)

  6. your day sounds lovely, although yes wish i lived a bit closer to town but just hopping on my bike is a nice excuse for some fun exercise!

    chili sounds soo soo yummy right now!


  7. I wish it was cool, but that won't happen for a while considering I live in AZ.

    Little Sugar Monster

  8. at 5 pm I will be climbing back into my warm, cozy bed and watching movies.
    i'm back in my pjs.
    my house is freezing.
    i've been listening to Elizabeth Mitchell (for the kids) on pandora since nap time ended.
    i should be cleaning instead of commenting.
    i'm kinda missing my blonde, longer hair.
    it's stinking cold outside...
    i'm thankful for fall.

    i think i'll make creamy chicken and wild rice soup for dinner. it's that kind of day.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  9. Your kissy face is adorable!

    I'm so happy its fall toooo. Perfect!

  10. your hair is adorable! i thought that before you said you missed your other hair!

  11. i love your eyes and your hair (*^-^*)<3 They are look cute on you!!