brunch, sofas, time and trees.

brunch, sofas, time and trees... what a combo, right?  that was basically our weekend.  the time was GOOD.  it's so nice spending the whole weekend with my husband (even though he had some homework to do).  i also love going to church with him and spending time in worship... so important.

we had a late brunch after a lazy morning.  the best.
(yes... i ate all that food.)

we've decided it's a "wise" move to get rid of our giant couch.  we wanted to rearrange our living room, but right now is the. only. way the couch will fit.  so when michael brought up the idea of a new sofa i got super excited!!  now... we just need to find someone that wants to buy a giant sofa.  i mean giant.  comfy and cozy, but giant.
(this is the sofa i want, lovely right?)

and last, but not least......
we have our tree up!  it's not decorated yet, but i'm enjoying the pretty lights as i'm sitting here (on my giant couch).  do you think it's too early for a tree?  i kind of have mixed feelings, but i'm loving it. ;)
(just magical)


  1. haha! "As I'm sitting here (on my giant couch)" <3

    I personally think it's too early for a tree...but it seems like Christmas decorations and things are coming out earlier and earlier every year! I will probably wait until at least December to put up our tree. =]

  2. part of me agrees with you jamie... but then another part loves having it up and knows how busy we're going to be around thanksgiving and after. it was good timing for us! :)

  3. I can't wait to put my christmas tree up! I love decorating for christmas. Everything just looks so pretty!

    The food looks so yummy too!


  4. I love that couch! Its beautiful! Kyle and I really wanted a white couch... but then we thought about all the poopy diapers coming our way soon... so we reconsidered haha! So, I am going to admire yours!!!

    Glad you had a fun weekend with your hubby. Those weekends are the best, aren't they?


  5. mandy- we like it a lot! it's not really white at all in person! it's a cream/tan color and about the same as we have now so it doesn't intimidate me much. but, they have other colors, too!

  6. Ohhh I've been trying to refrain from putting up a tree so bad. We get real trees and I know if we get it this early it will be super cripsy and dead by Christmas.. but I still want to!
    I think the longest I can wait is the first of December.. but the day after thanksgiving is looking wonderful right now!

    That couch is beautiful too!