thankful heart + no debbie downers here.

the other night michael called me "debbie downer" in a kind of joking, kind of not joking way.  then i realized he was completely right.  i don't know what's up with me lately, but i've been a little moody and probably not very much fun to be around.  i blame it on the lack of sunlight (and myself).  i have way too much to be thankful for to be this way.  i think i need a vaca.... which is exactly what started at 3:00 pm today!!!  nine whole days off to spend with family, friends and my sweet man.  i am thankful for blogging friends today that are so inspiring, encouraging and real.

 some girls i'm thankful for lately are:

paige at we three pilgrims.  have you guys visited her blog before?  you should.  she has such a passion for Jesus, her man and little girl, taking pretty pictures and all things handmade.  she's become such a blessing in my life.  (love you, friend!)

sarah at her sea of love.  she wrote about not worrying about things today and has such a great attitude. she said some wise words today.  you should read.  oh, and she's going to be a mama!  she's so sweet, guys!

stacie at steoffrey.  i really just love this blog.  they are a fun and kind of goofy (in a good way) couple!  they have fun with each other.  you can tell by just reading. their little girl is so adorable and i love the name ivy. it's always a positive place to visit.

and all you sweet followers that leave kind comments (or just silently read).  i'm thankful for you.

p.s.  have you seen this debbie downer snl skit... it makes me giggle SO much!  search "snl debbie downer" on hulu and there's a few more.


  1. Oooh, lovely! So glad you get a vaca:)
    Enjoy it!

  2. you said he called you debbie downer and i immediately started cracking up imagining the snl skits for that. it is seriously hilarious. but thank you for these links. i love we three pilgrims. :)

  3. i know i don't technically have a "real" job, but at the sound of your 9 days off i'm so jealous. we need to take advantage of at least an afternoon of that time frame!

    p.s. in regards to the baby post, a friend retweeted someone else (sometimes God speaks to me in the silliest ways), who said that when you're waiting on God it's never wasted time. regardless of when you have a baby it will be in His perfect timing, regardless of whether sometimes you feel it's too soon (or taking forever to happen).

    and for the record, i'm sure you'll be a great mom. mike will probably be okay. :) (just kidding!)

    i hope you enjoy these 9 days!

  4. YAY 9 days off! Im sure that's just what you need. Just relax with mike and enjoy yourself!

    Marja <3

  5. @skyler watson: 1. i'm not going to lie... i'm a little bit jealous of your schedule that i'd gladly give up my nine free days to have yours. can't wait for wednesday. 2. thank you the reminder!! 3. hahaha. love you, friend!