it's a new year!  i don't usually make resolutions, but this year i'd love to make some life style changes for the better.  and here's just a few:

more handmade:
i'm constantly browsing through blogs that are super crafty and fun.  i've said it before and i'll probably say it again:  i'm not super crafty.  but, i have decided to try out using my sewing machine that just sits pretty on my desk.  i hope to make some cute dresses/shirts for myself as i get bigger (i plan on living in dresses this summer) and hopefully make some cute little baby clothes.  my blogging friend, paige is always an inspiration for doing things handmade.  she makes some beautiful clothes for herself and her little girl, piper.

more home-cooking:
i'll be honest.... i don't enjoy cooking all that much.  i get stuck on making the same things over and over.  in the next year i hope to find a new love for making great dishes for my husband to enjoy.  we really need to start watching what we put in our bodies.  i'd love to eat fresh and try to stay away from foods with lots of preservatives.  maybe i should start a "what we had for dinner" on the blog so i have some motivation? ;)

more thrifting:
springfield is full of thrift/antique shops.  you know...it's the place rachel denbow finds all those cute things. in fact, there's a giant antique shop right down the street from us.  i rarely go anymore.  i want to get in the habit of going on my days off to find little items to fill our home with.  so, i'll be sharing more thrift finds here, too!

more outdoors:
this spring i want to spend lots of time being outside.  i want to eat those homemade meals on the back porch.  i realize i might be a little miserable this summer and plan on taking full advantage of the in-laws neighborhood pool....(watch out big preggo girl in a swimming suit!)  i want to take lots of walks in the park with millie.  aura is such an inspiration to me for being outdoors and enjoying nature.

more productivity around the house:
this spring we plan on finishing more on the house.  we want to get things ready before the baby comes.  i'm excited to redo our floors (bye-bye carpet in the living room, bye-bye ugly floor in the bathrooms upstairs) and of course we'll be making the transition of moving the guest room into the office and starting a nursery...it's crazy to think we bought this house a little less than a year ago and i didn't touch the guest room much because i knew it'd be the nursery someday.  i didn't think that day would come just a year later.  a big goal is to get better at doing (and putting away) laundry.  i've always been terrible at it.  ask my old roommates. ;)  i need to get into a good routine of doing housework. and maybe have company over more often this year... because then i'll get things done!

did any of you make resolutions/goals for the new year?  i'd love to see them....  leave the link. :)


  1. Lesley, you're my homegirl :)
    I can't wait to find out what you're having!!!!

  2. that's a really good list.
    and yeah.....striving to have fresh/whole foods take over the grocery list is the best idea ever!!