nursery inspiration & a special arrival.

sometimes i go into our little empty guest room and think of all the possibilities to get ready for baby.  there's a giant closest (i mean giant) so i've already decided we'll take the door off and put up a pretty or handsome curtain for easy access into a magical play area for when baby turns toddler because it would be such a waste of space if we just put clothes in there.  i've been collecting some ideas and some of them can be found on my tumblr.  did you know i have tumblr?  it's just a place for me to collect pretty photos.  here are a few of my favorites.  i like the softer tones... sweet and simple.

1, 2, 3, 4

oh and remember the friend i had lunch with that was so cute and almost ready to pop? (probably not, but anyways.....) well, she had her little baby girl.  meet eisley... i'm sure she'll be making an appearance here every now and then because we already have lots of outings planned for this spring.


  1. That first room is stunning! That was one of my favorite things (and the best way to past time), decorating the nursery. We rented an apartment though, and didn't get to paint or anything. Have fun!!

  2. those are gorgeous rooms girl. I am in the process of redoing Piper's room to fit her little personality more... such sweet inspiration.

  3. Oh, goodness..
    That first room.
    I want it for myself. Hahah
    Have fun decorating! That's got to be a good time. :)

  4. Your friend's baby is SO CUTE! And I love all of those rooms! I think the first is my fav :)

  5. I love the look! It looks rather girly though... expecting a girl? ;)

  6. aimee: i'm just drawn more to them and there's more girl rooms out there than boys. we'll find out march 23rd and i'll let you know!!

  7. i love the rug in that first room.
    lovely inspiration photos!
    darling baby, too:)