18 weeks.

i began my 18th week yesterday and it was beautiful outside.  time is flying!  baby has let me feel him/her move around a little, but michael hasn't got to feel any movement yet. we'll find out march 23rd if we're having a girl/boy.  i put up a little poll over there at the side to see what you all think i'm having. :)

have a lovely weekend!  my parents are coming to town!


  1. you look great! at 18 weeks you couldnt even tell I was pregnant lol. Only at night time...

  2. I can't believe how far along you are already :) Sorry I missed you on chat the other day. Hope we can talk soon!!

  3. You are almost half way there! My favorite part of pregnancy was towards the middle. You begin to feel great and love planning for baby. Have SO much fun!

  4. Such a cute picture Lesley!

    How exciting!! Taking the poll now ;]