the bump.

i'm feeling HUGE tonight.  i know, i know.... i have a really long way to go but my husband even commented on how different my belly is looking these days.  one of my bff's and i went to the hub (she's friends with the owners) and took some bump photos.  they have aaaamazing smoothies and i hear their coffee is great, too.  if you live in springfield. go. (811 north first "home" with michael is right down the street from it)

so, here's 17 weeks...even though this week i'll be 19.  seriously, i feel like so much changes in two simple weeks. (you free on thursday or friday anna?)

go take a peek at anna's blog to see the rest of the photos of the bump. and some cute pictures of a sweet little girl...penelope.  she's the owners daughter and i couldn't help but think i hope this baby in my belly is a little girl when i was around her. SO CUTE.

don't forget to take my baby poll at the side... it's fun to see what everyone thinks!

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  1. Lesley, it is so beautiful to see you pregnant :)

  2. thanks paige! seriously, let's chat soon!

  3. i think it's so great that you have a friend to take pictures of you as you go further along in your pregnancy! those are definitely going to be pictures you'll cherish and remember after your bundle is born :) and seriously? that little girl is too cute. her eyes are amazing. i go back and forth between what i want but most of the time, i want a girl. i have a feeling you've got a little girl in there!

  4. you look radiant! you have really pretty eyes too.
    i have to laugh at how much you change your blog design...because i'm the same way ;) it looks great, as always

  5. i voted:)

    goodness me, you're beautiful! baby's growing. :)

    um....the first thing that had me shocked into speechlessness the interior behind you. like really? i have fallen in love. where is that again?

  6. thanks ladies!
    @jen have a baby!!! :)

    @beka it's a little coffee/bike shop here in springfield!

  7. LESLEY! Those new pics Anna took are soooo ridiculously cute! I love them! You're adorable. I can't wait to find out what you're having so we can make cute baby things!! And I just wanna say... you totally give me hope... until now, everyone I've known that is short and pregnant swells up like a balloon. Like, right away! haha So don't do that. Cause then I'll loose hope of being a cute pregnant woman some day! :)