so blessed.

i know many of you are waiting to hear if baby is boy/girl, but you're going to have to wait a little longer... sorry. :)  we still have some close friends and family to tell.  i might share later today or tomorrow.

pretty blooming in my backyard.

i absolutely love this time of year.  it's so refreshing.  i'm reminded of the beauty God created for us to enjoy and the beauty of life.  we get a little lazy around here during the winter months.  we watch way too much television and spend too many nights just sitting on the couch.  but, spring comes along and it makes me want to go on lots of walks with millie and grill outside and just be outside.  i feel so blessed for this wonderful life and for my husband and my sweet baby that will be here before i know it.  goodness... just seeing that screen showing my baby moving around INSIDE of me is so mind-blowing.  i love this baby so much already and can't even imagine how i'll feel this summer when i meet _ _ _ (him or her..;)).  blessed...i tell you...blessed.

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  1. I'm so so happy for your little family! It's understandable that you're keeping the gender a secret for a little longer while you're telling friends and family. Take your time girl! We'll still be here :)