every day.

i need this print to put on the wall by my bed so i can see it every single morning.

i feel like i'm having the fastest pregnancy EVER.  i can't believe i'll be SIX months along this week.  and a lot of the time feels like such a blur now.  the "morning sickness" seems like forever ago and (thank goodness) i can hardly remember those nasty feelings.  and to think i didn't even want to think about eating.  that is just pure craziness because now food is like my bff. ;)  i want to embrace these last few months of my pregnancy and really soak in this time that i get to have baby girl all to myself...it's such a special time.  things aren't going to be slowing down any around here because michael is in his final weeks of college and i'm still working and trying to figure out weekends that will work for showers and we still need to finish things around the house and i haven't even started on her room.  but, i want it to be okay if we go without doing some things and take time to relax and enjoy each other.  i might not be posting as regular here on the blog because i might be too busy being present in every day and spending less time on the addicting internet... ;)  no worries.. i'll still be updating.  this blog has become such a special journal of our lives and a special way to share with family and friends.  so thanks for reading and always being so kind.


  1. wowza! 6 months already?! crazy. she'll be here before ya know it!

  2. i had to take a little mental break from the internet myself :) everyone should do it some time..it's great! i love this that we need to be present everyday, it's SO true!