hey spring, i like you.

ahhhh spring-time.  i want kiss this weather!  it's BEAUTIFUL. we spent the majority of the weekend outside. well, some of us did. now i'm just lounging on the sofa and enjoying some relaxation while michael studies for his 3 tests he has coming up.  poor guy.  he worked SO hard yesterday... along with my dad and the in-laws in our kitchen.  don't wanna brag... but our kitchen is turning out pretty amazing. ;)  my niece and nephew came along with my parents and i loved spending time with them.  mom and i did some yard work and then michael and i worked on it some more after church.

that's our side flower garden... all those bags are full of weeds.
lots and lots of weeds.

i'll share our kitchen progress soon.

but, for now i'm off to the store to get stuff to make cookies
 because our kitchen is back in order! YES.


  1. can't wait to see what you've done and what you're going to do with that garden!

  2. i'm not going to do too much! i don't want too much to keep up with this summer. ;) i'm just being realistic. but, there's quite a bit that blooms up on its on. so i plan on keeping up with that better than i did last year.

  3. ahh, pretty flowers and cute kids:)
    can't wait to see the progress in the kitchen!!:)

  4. mmm cookies...you're speaking my language. cant wait to see kitchen progress pics :D

  5. Beautiful pictures Les! I love your growing belly!