a very happy birthday to my handsome man.

today my husband is 24. 24 on earth day and on Good Friday.  i don't think i need to say again how much i love that man and how wonderful he is.  (he is soo wonderful.)  he's been such a sweetheart throughout my whole pregnancy.  it was hard on him in the beginning because he isn't so great with the whole throwing up business and he had to do more around the house because i was SO tired, but he took care of me... and without complaint.  the pregnancy is usually all about the woman.  but, i've learned a few things about my husband during this process as well.

...like how i'm not sure how he'll be when i am in labor.  i knew he had a bit of a weak stomach, but a few nights ago he cut his thumb.  he came upstairs and long story short:  he passed out, big time.  i was putting pressure on his bleeding thumb while he sat down and before i knew it he was like a ghost and i was holding him up and shaking him to wake up.  talk about scary.  so, now i've told him he will be sitting in a chair by the head of my bed and he doesn't need to look at what's going on. ;)

...he's a pillow thief.  the last couple of nights he's stolen my big body pillow and starts snuggling with it.  it helps me sleep sooo much better, but apparently it helps him sleep better, too.  ;)

...he's a trooper.  i pointed out the other day that he will be way out-numbered in our house.  3 girls (millie included).  he doesn't mind.

...he lights up when he talks about his little girl.  he pretty much came up with her name and i love the name we decided on together.  i love hearing him call her by name and that he just sits there with his hand on my stomach waiting for her to give a little kick.  i love that he is exciting to know about the stages that she's going through.  i love that he wants to be so involved.

he's a keeper for sure.  happy birthday, honey!


  1. this is such a cute post! it really sounds like you have quite the keeper. happy birthday to your husband, i hope you both have an amazing day!

  2. My husband has a very weak stomach too. He didn't even do well when we went in the hospital to go to baby classes. I was so scared that he would faint when I had the baby, so I had my sister (a nurse) in the room too because I had been told that if he faints they will deliver the baby before attending to him. When the time came he did awesome. I don't think he got woozy at all! I am sure Michael will do great too.