while she sleeps.

ellie is asleep and... to be honest... she's a GREAT sleeper.  i probably shouldn't admit it.  the first couple of nights were rough.  but, now that she's eating good sleep is much better.  i cannot believe it's already been a week.  i'm feeling relaxed and well rested.
michael and ellie
the ONLY way i'm feeling this way is because of my sweet husband.  (a weekend visit from my parents helped too ;))  michael has been so great.  he's taking care of his girls.  so, instead of this post being all about ellie.. it's more about michael.  he graduated from missouri state the friday before ellie arrived.  we weren't sure if he'd get to walk because we thought she would be here.... but she had other plans.  we made it to his graduation.. and i was still pregnant.  our little girl decided to join us on monday (8/8) which happened to be our 2nd wedding anniversary.  we don't mind sharing our day with her.  we had our anniversary dinner in our hospital room.  romantic, right?

so proud of you, honey...
can't wait to spend many more years with you!


  1. Oh goodness, did this post make me cry. I have been looking so forward to a new post from you after ellie arrived. She is so adorable and your husband seems to be such a wonderful man. It is so rare to find a man who takes care of you so nicely and so well. But it is the most amazing feeling ever when you find it. What a great daddy and husband he is to both you and Ellie. Happy Monday and upcoming week to you all :) Oh, congratulations Michael on graduating !!!

  2. So exciting!! And we share both our anniversaries! I know I keep saying that...lol! Congrats to your hubby.

  3. Hi, just recently found your blog through another one, love it!

    Congratulations on your darling little girl, and Happy Anniversary!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How precious are those pictures!!! I'm so happy for you 3! I've been praying for you guys and hope to see the little lady soon!
    Love you both and I miss your sweet spirit!