you like kisses from momma...
you like to see the world.
 you've grown into your giant newborn feet...
 and your eyes are still as deep blue as the sea.
and those cheeks? seriously, i could give them kisses ALL.DAY.LONG.
 you have the prettiest little grins.
 and you like to give us a little giggle every now and then.  
you also love your cousin, kadi, and she loooooves you, too.
 you aren't so sure about our dog.
you will be best friends in no time... i'm sure of it.
(and NO millie is not biting your hand off. i promise.
and yes eating in front of the television is OKAY every once in a while. ;))
you like naps with daddy.

we celebrated your 2 months at the pumpkin patch.
you are the cutest little pumpkin to me.


  1. What a beautiful post about your beautiful girl. We should meet up soon!

  2. 2 months already! yay! : )
    she is getting cuter and cuter always.

  3. kayla: SOON. i might just text you later today.

    lydia: i happen to think so, too. thank you! :)

  4. Love love love her and YOU! I want to see some of the pics from Friday. :)

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I was suprised to get a comment from one of the blogs I read! I hope you do get to stay home with Ellie!

  6. my babe is about the same age and is growing up too freaking fast already. don't you want them to just slow down?!


  7. Awww, love this post! <3 You guys are so sweet.